سری D1RF اپتکس
سری D3RF/D3IF اپتکس

سری V2RF اپتکس

Simple & cost effective

Potentiometer type

Degree of protection: IP66

Mounting holes for M3 screws

The V2RF series is a cost effective fiber optic amplifier featuring an IP66 rating allowing you to mount it in locations that aren't possible with other fiber amps. It has 8-turn potentiometer with indicator allowing for precise sensitivity for applications that require fine adjustments. The V2RF series has a simple control panel and long range sensing of up to 610 mm and a fast 250 μs response time.

نام فایل حجم فایل دانلود
V2RF سری 4.75MB دانلود
نام فایل حجم فایل دانلود
V2RF سری 6.27MB دانلود