سری UQ1 اپتکس
سری Z3R-Q/ZR-QX اپتکس

سری LS اپتکس

High Resolution and High Speed 2D Displacement Sensor for Height and Width Measurement

Linearity ±0.1% of F.S.

Sampling period 0.5 ms (Max. speed)

Superbly affordable 2D measurement sensor

Laser line array provides high speed, high precision measurement of both height and width.

  • All-in-one design: Includes sensor, display, and push button controls
  • Free Software: Includes multiple inspection tools including height, width, position, tilt, diameter, length, etc.
  • 17 - 27 mm width of view
  • Great Linearity: Z-axis repeat accuracy of 2 microns full scale linearity: +-50 microns
  • X-axis resolution 25 microns
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LS سری 2.55MB دانلود
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LS سری 1.97MB دانلود
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Measurement of brake pad component height

Measures the position (height) of the end of the pad wear indicator (PWI), a metal part that indicates brake wear, relative to the brake surface.

Detection of double feeding of boards

Compared to previous systems in which a displacement sensor was installed above and below the boards to measure thickness, a single LS series unit can measure from the side, providing easy installation and line design.

Inspection of application position/amount of sealant

By measuring sealant width and height directly after application, feedback regarding the appropriate amount and position can be provided immediately.

Inspection of gap/level difference between automobile doors

Provides quick, non-contact measurement of gap and level differences between door and chassis to check precision of automobile door installation.