سری Z3R-Q/ZR-QX اپتکس
سری KR-Q/SR-Q اپتکس

سری DR-Q اپتکس

Easy Setup, Fine Adjustment by Digital Display and High Repeat Accuracy by Laser Beam

Sensing distance up to 4m Max.

Fine adjustment by digital display

ASC (Automatic Sensitivity Control) function built-in

The Ultimate Solution for Transparent Object Detection

  • Quick and Simple Set-up: Digital display Push-button and remote input teach with fine adjustment
  • Excellent Sensitivity: Allows for precise clear-on-clear sensing
  • Automatic Sensitivity Compensation: ASC circuit provides threshold correction for lens contamination
  • Flexible Features: Programming modes include time delay, threshold level setting, and automatic sensitivity compensation
  • Ultimate Transparent Detection: Good for all film, PET, glass, plastic, clam shell materials
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DR-Q سری 927.46KB دانلود
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DR-Q سری 865.19KB دانلود

Any transparent object, PET / Glass / Plastic. (DR-Q150)