سری D3RF/D3IF اپتکس
سری BRF/BIF اپتکس

سری D2RF اپتکس

Digital Fiber Amplifier with Two Independent Output, Display and Auto Sensitivity Controlling

6 teach methods for various applications

Easy setup monitoring display

Various functions for stable detection for various applications

Dual digital fiber amplifier with analog functions available in green or red LED

  • Available in 4-20ma output options
  • Available in Red or Green LED options
نام فایل حجم فایل دانلود
D2RF سری 1.92MB دانلود
نام فایل حجم فایل دانلود
D2RF سری 1.04MB دانلود

Full Power Teaching

Standard detection mode for Thru-beam type sensing but applicable for retro-reflective sensing also.

Full automatic Teaching

Set while the equipment is operating.

Single point Teaching

Set without a target present.

Transparent / Glass Teaching

Ideal for the detection of glass, film, plastic or any transparent material.

Two points Teaching

Standard detection mode for Diffuse type sensing. It is possible to make fine adjustments.

Zone Teaching

This is useful if the conveyor moves closer to and farther from the sensor. An area +/- 10% of the teach point can be detected.